Payments purpose built for the MARINA INDUSTRY

MarinaPayments reduces operational costs to help increase revenue for Marina and Boat Yard owners..

MarinaPayments has revolutionized the way Marinas accept payments with an automated payment system that eliminates credit card processing fees.

Solutions specific and customize to meet your payment needs


With MarinaPayments unique payment platform, you receive funding for the transaction much faster than with traditional processors. You no longer have to wait, in some cases up to five days, to receive funds into your account. With MarinaPayments your money can be in your account in as little as two business days. Need your money in faster? Ask us about our Same Day funding feature!

Credit & Debit Card Processing

Providing an easy way to accept Credit and Debit Cards will help your marina reduce operational costs due to scanning and processing paper checks. This a great option for boat owners that need to pay their boat slips, electric usage, and rental fees.

POS (Point Of Sale)

We can furnish your Marina with credit card terminals that allow you to offset the processing fees exactly like your monthly slip rental payments. You can process the payment at the point of sale, or you can put the charge on the tenant’s account.

Payment Portal

We provide a secure, level one PCI compliant portal for your tenants to conveniently log into and make an online payment. That provides convenience for them, and efficient, fast payments to you.

Marine Software Integrations

Easily integrate your existing Marina management software with MarinaPayments and have payments up in no time!

Why Marina Payment

MarinaPayments is revolutionizing the way marinas are accepting payments. Because we are a property-based payment platform, under a unique Merchant Category Code (MCC), Marina PAY helps your marina offset the cost of credit card processing fees.

How much is your marina currently paying a month in credit card processing fees? $200, $400, $700 . . . or more?

Just think what your ownership group could do with this savings!

MarinaPayments is fast, efficient and easy to use.

Reduce operational costs and increase Revenue

MarinaPayments provides a purpose-built payment platform for Marina Owners who require transparent and flexible pricing to increase revenue. As noted above, marina CFOs will enjoy a significant increase in profits allowing them to reinvest in their marina properties.

Supercharge your business with MarinaPayments

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