Simple Payment Solutions for the Marina Industry

Unlock the power of effortless payments for marinas, boatyards, boat owners, and peer-to-peer marketplaces. MarinaPayments offers a tailored suite of solutions designed to propel your business forward. Say goodbye to complex payment processes and hello to a streamlined experience!

Supercharge Your Profits by Offsetting Credit Card Fees

Our innovative platform offers business owners like you a game-changing opportunity to offset credit card fees and boost your bottom line.

  • Marina owners have saved an average of $30,000 annually in credit card processing fees.
  • Marinas using MarinaPayments to offset credit card fees have experienced an average increase in their profit margin by 15%.

Get Your Time Back with Integrated Payments

By seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that enhance efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and optimize revenue generation for your business.

  • Rid yourself of manual reconciliation and tedious data entry.
  • Streamline operations and improve cash flow for enhanced efficiency.
  • Focus on delivering exceptional service to customers with time-saving features.

Paperless Payments, Limitless Possibilities

By eliminating paper checks, businesses will not only save valuable time but also reduce the risk of errors and financial discrepancies. MarinaPayments allows your customers to pay safely and conveniently with their bank account or credit card.

By going paperless, businesses eliminate

  • Labor Expenses
  • Bank Fees
  • Materials, Supplies, and Postage

Our Platform Solutions

Offset Credit Card Fees

Save thousands of dollars a year in processing fees by passing on credit card fees without using a card terminal.
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Automate Batch Processing

Leverage our system to process tens of thousands of payments at once.
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Eliminate Paper Checks

Reduce operational costs by offering electronic ACH payments instead of paper checks.
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B2B Payouts

Automate your payables and pay your vendors fast and on time.
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Software and ERP Integrations

Leverage our APIs to transmit transaction details- that update tenant ledgers in real-time.
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Customer Web Portal

Your customers can log into our secure portal and make on-time payments or set up recurring monthly payments.
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Virtual Terminal

Replace traditional terminals with our online solution that allows you to take in-person ACH and Credit Card payments.
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Reporting Dashboard

View transaction reports that help you stay on top of your financial data.
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Supercharge your business with MarinaPayments